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Kullarri Building's vision is to be the leading Indigenous Building Company delivering affordable quality building and construction services to rural and remote communities.

Kullarri Building Pty Ltd (KB) was incorporated on the 05/01/1998 as an Australian Proprietary Company Limited by Shares. KB is owned by Nirrumbuk Aboriginal Corporation (NAC).


KB is an Indigenous building company located in Broome that specialises in the construction and refurbishment of housing and other related infrastructure. It provides these services for both the Indigenous and non-indigenous community. We deliver to a high quality of standard as we manage every aspect of the construction, including various trades. 

With considerable experience in managing the construction of residential, commercial and government buildings across Northern Western Australia, Kullarri Building is your ideal local provider in building, maintenance and refurbishment projects. We have a proven track record, always delivering our projects with quality and on time.

A range of projects completed include Health and Medical, Education, Residential, and Industrial have been successfully completed in on the Dampier Peninsular.Since commencing trading in 1999 KB has successfully trained many youth from both indigenous and non-indigenous backgrounds and completed numerous projects both simple and complex.

KB have the systems and the knowledge base proven to suit remote construction with strong working relationships set up with design teams through to sub-contractors and suppliers. We have the methodology to streamline remote construction with thorough planning to limit issues with logistics.

KB also has strong working relationships with Broome Electrical Services (Wholly owned by NAC) and NUDJ Plumbing Services (25% owned by NAC, 25%).Together these companies employ greater than 75% of Indigenous labour.


View our capability statements:

Supporting the Community


Our Vision


Kullarri Building's vision is to be the leading Indigenous Building Company delivering affordable quality building and construction services to rural and remote communities.


Our Mission


Our mission is to serve the community of the Northwest with quality building and construction services in order to achieve sustainable indigenous employment.



Our Organisation Goals


  • To service the Indigenous community with building and construction services that addresses the needs of Indigenous Australians.

  • Provide career paths to Indigenous men and women in the building and construction industry.

  • To deliver training and employment opportunities for Indigenous people in building and construction.

  • Provide a positive impact on Indigenous Australians through mentoring and personal development.

  • Heighten cultural awareness in the wider community.

  • Contribute towards “closing the gap” and end disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.


Our Core Business Strategies


  • Work closely with Indigenous communities, service providers and government agencies to address the housing needs of Indigenous Australians.

  • Develop key partnerships with industry to enable placement of Indigenous apprentices in employment.

  • To provide opportunities for Indigenous Australians to undertake apprenticeships and careers in building and construction services leading to gainful employment.

  • Explore and asses new business opportunities which support the achievement of the organisational goals. 

  • Strive for competitive advantage through development and training.

  • To become an employer of choice for Indigenous Australians seeking employment in the building industry.

  • To be accountable for works undertaken and provide quality building services.

Professional Memberships

  • Supply Nation Registered

  • Master Builders Western Australia member

  • Member of HIA


Licenses Accreditations/ Certifications/ Qualifications

  • Registered Building Services Contractor – 13789

  • Restricted Asbestos Removal – License # WARA 169

  • Diploma of Building and Construction

  • SA12 Services Alliance Department of Finance WA

  • Level 2 Builders Prequalification Department of Finance WA

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